Bright Christmas trees and stars with trendy design

For garden decorations for Christmas, there is now a modern alternative: Sophisticated garden owners with a sense of modern design can now take on the luminous reindeer sleigh with many small lights “Christmas tree Shining” or “Shining Stars” from 8 seasons design set. These pieces of jewelry radiate from the inside and give the garden with its straight lines and its clear design a special charm. The models are as atmospheric as the traditional Christmas tree and star decoration, thanks to its modern design but an unusual eye-catcher.

A very practical advantage is that, for example, the newer version of the brightly glowing Christmas tree lights are no more complicated to install. Send it to make the luminous trees or stars all the same groups as in the garden. If you have a long wall, it also looks nice if the objects are placed at regular intervals before. Newly modern stylish garden decorations for Christmas.
Garden decorations for Christmas: stars, moon, ice crystals and angels

The outdoor lights make every manicured garden in no time into a true Christmas landscape. Because in addition to the old familiar designs of Thomas Kinkade Christmas tree and stars are the moon, ice crystals and angels more traditional Christmas themes that set already in the twilight special accents. Because the lights are not only white, but sometimes also in red and green, they can be combined pretty color. The fir trees are incidentally available either in the sizes 55, 77 and 100 centimeters, and the stars in the dimensions 40,60, 80 and 100 centimeters.

Both consist of polyethylene. This is a resilient plastic that ensures thanks to its smooth structure such that the light is well spread. The Christmas trees are from 109 euros to 89 euros from the stars on the internet. Caused a stir this unusual Christmas decorations in all cases – not only in the garden. Even the staircase in the spacious hallway or outside the front door to an illuminated Christmas tree and a group of stars do very well.

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