Why is it on a Christmas tree?

Why is it on a Christmas treeIn Western countries, the Christmas season is nearly everyone on a Christmas tree. This tradition has a long history behind it. However, the origin is not clear.

So one might find on firs

  • A more practical reason why Christmas or Christmas trees are usually always fir or other conifers, is the fact that they also do not lose their needles in the winter like other trees their leaves. 1
  • Also, keep fir trees when they are beaten and placed much longer than other trees. With a little water in the Christmas tree stand can survive this sometimes two months or longer. 1

Various stories for Christmas

Although the history of the Christmas tree dates back centuries, the origin of this tradition is not clarified beyond doubt.

  • In antiquity, houses were decorated with laurel branches, which can be understood as a precursor. Later trees were decorated for the winter solstice to worship the sun god. The first pine branches found in the Nordic countries place on houses to keep evil spirits and to symbolize the hope for next spring. 1
  • In the Middle Ages, the first Christmas trees were documented. These were symbolic of the paradise tree from which Eve, the first woman plucked an apple. This “paradise games” were often performed in churches, so that the Christmas tree is a symbol of Christianity, especially today. 1
  • Another story is about a boy who must take a medicine for his sick little sister in the dead of winter. When the boy shivering comes from the large city on the way home and stumbles over a root, this spilled the precious medicine. A tree is said to have the medicine then collected with the leaves and rolled them to enclose the medical proof and save it that way. 1
  • Nowadays, there are Christmas trees around the world, even in non-Christian countries, these are set up every year at Christmas time. Thus, the Christmas tree is one of the world’s most recognized religious symbols.

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