Where did the custom of the Christmas tree? Suitable for children explained

The Christmas tree just one Christmas to nowadays – like cookies or the Christmas crib. This custom has been around a long time and so can you explain to your children, how this custom of the Christmas tree comes.


  • Your children will be determined sometime want to know me, whence comes the Christmas tree at all. Tell you that it’s been quite many years ago in the 15th Century already had the first Christmas trees. However, these were ordinary fir trees that were set up and were only hung with nuts and fruit.
  • Now how it is when a custom has its beginning, there is always more followers who imitate them. So you tell your children that now the first people in Alsace began to set up a Christmas tree in your living room, but this was still decorated with nuts and fruit.
  • The church, however, was not so thrilled at the beginning of this new custom, as they had many forests that should be cut down now, because everyone wanted to have a Christmas tree. Your children probably know the Christmas crib, which is a much older tradition. The Church felt the crib rich as a Christmas custom.
  • The custom of the Christmas tree comes from Central Europe, but the kids will ask where other continents for this custom. When the first emigrants went to other countries, this spread there the custom and as soon a Christmas tree was in the white house situated in America.

The custom of adorning the Christmas tree

  • As you already told your kids, the Christmas tree was originally hung only with nuts and fruit, and there was neither balls nor tinsel.
  • It was not until the mid-19th Century people started to decorate your tree with balls, but were very expensive and only rich people could afford. But this has changed and now you and your kids can purchase many different Christmas baubles at Christmas time.
  • But people wanted to beautify the appearance of the Christmas tree even more and began to hang tinsel on the branches that looked as if they were icicles.

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