How long does Your Christmas Tree Keep?

How long does a Christmas tree retain its needles depends on several criteria that you would all be aware, if you want enjoy your Christmas tree still over the holidays also.

The purchase of a Christmas tree requires you to make decisions

In relation to the Christmas tree stands by the decision between an artificial and a real, if the choice has fallen on a grown specimen, even the next spoiled for choice in the festively decorated house: with bales or beaten? Spruce or fir?

  • Depending on how you choose, be sure to take even so a certain influence on how long does the Christmas tree in your living room, or how long you can buy it before the festival, without running the risk, for Christmas in front of a “bare” tree sit.
  • Basically, it can already anticipate a fact: namely, that you can enjoy much longer at one excavated tree, as at a separate from its root, beaten Christmas tree. Even a re-planting in your garden is in a potted conifer, with regular watering and careful handling, quite possible.

To achieve that the Christmas tree long retains its needles

  • Depends on nature should be a spruce not spend so much time in the cozy living room, like a fir tree in the same conditions. If you meet here except setting up the tree any more precautions, they are at a fir up to 4 weeks have time to be able to carry these yet in their entirety into the open. With a spruce it may happen in a week that it merges into the “resolution process”.
  • In addition to the variety also decides the location and the type of preparation about how long a natural tree without roots can stand it in the unfamiliar atmosphere of your living room before it needs to be ultimately disposed of.
  • Choose a Christmas tree stand, which gives you the possibility to supply water your Christmas tree and set the tree if possible, not in or near a heater. Also, do not largely removing overly heating. To ensure that you get your Christmas tree the longest possible time alive.

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