How to Make Your Tree Survives the Holidays

To be able to leave a Christmas tree during the holidays out into the apartment without him stretched out his needles of itself, usually it takes is a sufficient amount of water.

With water your tree survives the Holidays

  • As a rule, you will be anxious to prepare the Christmas holidays as quiet as it only goes up. Since for many still a real Christmas tree for Christmas must leave his life would be by the premature purchase of the tree here, perhaps the ability to mitigate the general hustle and bustle before the feast something. What you now need to find just yet, would be a way to power the Christmas tree up after Christmas and with water.
  • Even in the great outdoors is a conifer with his elixir of life, water, dependent on an adequate supply. If rain again, so the tree has the ability to regulate its fluid balance using the humidity. If a tree as of drafted Christmas tree in your well-heated dry living room, so you have taken him this way and he is completely dependent on your care. This should consist of at least the supply of the vital water for you.

To supply your Christmas tree with liquid

  • Get yourself if you want to set up a beaten tree, a Christmas tree stand, which must be filled with water. So you can make your tree already calmed down before the holidays keep it without having to fear that he has to Christmas, due to lack of water, has lost most of its needles.
  • It is easiest if you could opt for a Christmas tree with balls would. This is sold in most cases already in its stand, a bucket and has been excavated along with its roots. In this tree, you should just make sure to feed him too much water. To mitigate this risk, you should provide the bucket bottom with holes and place it in a larger bowl to allow excess water to drain out of the bucket.

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